Physics instruction with SpartanTutors

We offer 1-1 tutoring, small group tutoring, and supplemental instruction for all levels of physics.

Physics tutoring and small group instruction is provided by Anthony Graybosch, a theoretical physics PhD student with 12 years' physics teaching experience.

The fee structure rate is $75/hour, $60/hour for the first meeting, and $60/hour thereafter with pre-payment for 10 or more hours.   


Our approach is to simultaneously make sure students have a strong foundational understanding of physics, prepare students for examinations, and help students receive full credit on homework assignments.  We help students with high school physics, MCAT physics, algebra and calculus based freshman physics, and all undergraduate and graduate level physics courses.  Help is available in person and online via web conference.                                                                     919-358-5076     

210 Abbott Road, Suite #30, East Lansing, MI 48823