Summer ACT Course


Summer ACT Course


SpartanTutors offers a live prep course to simultaneously prepare students for both the ACT and SAT.  

Our upcoming live ACT/SAT course meets Sundays 9:30 AM - 12 PM October 9 through November 20, and also meets Thursday December 1.  The class meets at SpartanTutors, 210 Abbott Road, Suite #30, at the following times:

Students can focus on the exam of their choosing or prepare for both exams.  Our prep course offers 20 hours of teaching along with 2 practice examinations which can be completed at home or completed during a proctored examination at SpartanTutors.

ACT and SAT preparation instruction is provided by SpartanTutors' owner, Anthony Graybosch, B.S. mathematics, M.S. physics, PhD, physics, expected <~ 2088.  Anthony has 15+ years' experience working with high school age students on coursework, the SAT I/II and ACT, and the college admissions process.  Anthony has scored in the 99th percentile on many U.S. standardized exams, and enjoys seeing high school students improve their mastery of worthwhile skills while securing a college berth.  

Tuition is $785.  Required materials are purchasable from local bookstores and Amazon for well under $50.  Students wishing to re-take the course may do so without additional expense whenever the course is offered and a seat is available.  Class size is limited to 19 and typically is between 6 and 12 students.  Re-taking to realize further gains is not uncommon - the theory for the course  is always the same, but we have a large enough body of official sample problems to be able to easily cycle problems between class sessions.  The course includes guidance on the college application process and on college essay writing.

Private tutoring is available for the ACT.  The first session is $65/hour.  The nominal hourly rate is $75/hour, $70/hour when meeting a total of 10 hours, $65/hour when meeting 18 or more hours.  




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We meet Saturdays, 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM, November 1 - November 22, and Saturday December 6 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM.   This class helps students prepare for the ACT in time for the December 13th examination.